Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

Market Day

A brief interlude before beginning "The Dwarven Front"

Lily, Arwen and Tabba shop in the market, marginally concerned when Vo’epheous Onza fails to turn up as arranged.

Redforges town crier calls out the news -

"Treaty with neighboring Palanquas, Human nations to fight alongside  Dwarves.

Portia Clark still at large – Murder suspect missing, any information on her whereabouts should be brought to the watch house.

Marcus Hattman by royal commission to raise an armed division – able bodied men to apply at the barracks office.

Lare numbers of fey sighted along south coast.

By order of the Magewright of Redforge will the following people please report to the watch house – Lily Williams, Tabba Silverback, Arwen Skinner."

Onza  has been pulled up to face a trail – accused by the magewright of "Excessive magic use within the city limits", and suspicion of being a "Rogue Wizard".

Onza's counsel, Peter Clark. gathers witnesses and character references that speak out and give testimony that he hasn't turned rogue but Magewright Collins still slaps a hex on Onza restraining his magical powers. (This is an in game explanation for the upcoming change in magic system.)

The Dwarven Front – Prelude

Signing up with Kurtis Tenfold, Palanquin merchant, the party make final preparations for an extended journey into the mountains.

Joining the caravan, twelve goods carts each with a driver, two heavy supply carts, 19 armed militia, the four party members and Kurtis himself head out west towards Bedford and the southern mountain pass.

On the outskirts of the farmland a family of grizzly bears meets the convoy, Arwen has the soldiers stand down and with the others soon makes easy work of dispatching the two parents, taking the young adult buck as a animal companion.

On reaching Bedford the caravan rests and Arwen and Bear stroll into the woods to forage, Kurtis sells the last few items from his recent trip to Mazurka and declares that they will strike out for the pass in the morning.




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