Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

Pre-Session Story Lines

Before playing each character got a brief intro story...

Arwen Skinner – Woodsman/Ranger

Returning from a hunting trip Arwen over hears voices quarrelling in rhyme. These voices belong to various members of the fey. For some reason a large detachment of varying wee folk are migrating south.


Content Not Found: lilly – Junior Librarian/Rogue

Lilly has been working at the library transcribing religious studies and pantheon legacies into new tomes. This works are on loan from a mysterious golden robed visiting lady. In exchange this Lady Sanja has had the head librarian working to research some local history. On the morning before the campaign begins Lilly finds the head librarian dead at his desk – murdered.


Tabba Silverside – Minotaur Butcher/Warrior

Tabba has been working on a shipment of meats which is being transported to the dwarven front. In the midst of the work being done his father brings two elves into the building. The sight of elves away from their home land is enough of a rarity that that night in the inn the minotaur, himself an oddity, shares his story of elves and discovers the two elves have been spotted elsewhere in town poking their noses into odd places. 


Vo’epheous Onza – Swordsman/Wizard 

Returning from the university institute high in the mountains north of Strophea Onza is travelling with a bereaved  brother and sister when the coach shakes with a sudden impact. On investigation the wizard finds a veritable stampede of all sizes of fey rushing from the north heading south. When the crazyness subsides the coach continues, at the next coach house his story of the strange incident and his minor wounds receive some attention.



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