Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

The Fallen Temple of Darkness - Part 2

Investigations continue

Further Suspicions


Both Mayor Wellard Roper and Lady Sanja came under suspicion during the murder investigation. Even though they were cleared of the crime in question there were details that came to light that bare further research.

Why did the Mayor object so strongly to the research done by Rufus? Why is Lady Sanja so interested in the temple beneath the city? Are either of them hiding some other secret?

The party decides the mayor is further connected to this and may have put Portia up to the killing and so they opt to break into his office and his home to find if there are any indicators of further involvement. They also hope to get a look inside the town house rented by Lady Sanja.


The Municiple Building

Onza's magic puts the guards on the rear entrance to sleep, Lilly and he slip inside and start to scout out the building. They find his office without trouble and begin to search for further clues. Nothing out of the ordinary come to light but some attention is paid to the large portrait of his deceased wife hanging on the wall.

When Tabba Silverside and Arwen follow them into the room the minotaur manages to turn the portrait over revealing the back of the frame. Here a smooth solid slab of obsidian dark glass reflects back the light from the candles in the room.

This strange feature is the only odd thing about the room. And after a little more searching the building the four friends leave.


The Mayor's Mansion

Breaking into the mansion, Arwen and Lilly find a shrine hidden in the abandoned cellar. Artifacts at the shrine include a statuette of a blind beggar, another slab of obsidian, a leather strap with puncture marks running along it, an incense burner and a foot operated fan. Also stuffed into the side of a chair Arwen finds notes in the mayors hand writing indicating a pact with the dark god, and a sketched map of the ruined temple.

By the time they get out of the mansion morning is coming and so there is no time to visit Sanja's town house. Though they got away without being caught the streets are uncommonly busy with guards. It would appear Portia has managed to escape from the cells and the guards are trying to find where she has gone. Lilly mentions that there is reason to believe Portia would go after Lady Sanja and admits letting slip that Rufus had been working for the mysterious lady may have been a mistake.


The Town House

After a moment to examine their findings at Murrymugs the friends decide to simply take what they know to Lady Sanja and potentially interigate her to find out what she knows.

While Onza prepares to visit the Hattman soul breaking ritual in the town's dead land, the other three continue to High Crescent.

Greeted at the gate by town guards and then led inside they meet the silent elves. Then Sanja joins them, and discussions begin. They discover her interests lead to her reading a lost scroll that will settle scholastic debate about a prophecy. That it has been her life's work to locate and collate all the pages of this prophecy and this page should bring great revelations.

She requests that if in their investigations they discover a way to enter the temple that they include her and the elves in any attempt to explore the abandoned ruin.

Arwen warns that she should be aware the Mayor has a vested interest in the temple as well, and Sanja admits she is aware the Mayor knows more than he is letting on.



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