Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

The Fallen Temple of Darkness - Part 3

Descent into darkness

Sewers are bad

The party tools up and heads down into the sewers. Exploring the filth drenched depths they face hazards and skirmish with a nest of rats, but eventually find the blood stream that was mentioned in Mayor Roper's notes and following it find an exit back to the streets.

Given the opportunity to return to the surface and clean up and heal wounds they retreat, and once clean and patched up they return to the town house on High Crescent to inform Lady Sanja. She joins them now dressed in dark black bindings still as shrouded but now without the finery. With the two elves in tow she joins them as they return and enter the temple.


Race Through the Temple

With the map in hand and a source of holy light the party progress quickly through the temple facing only minor resistance.

Reaching the lowest chamber they face a desiccated figure wrapped in dark shadows. A fierce combat against this creature eventually ends in victory.

The players locate the prophecy scroll for Lady Sanja and prepare to head out of the temple.

At the doorway shadow hounds gather ready to tear apart anyone trying to leave.


Sewers… shudders I hate sewers…


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