Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

Flashback 1: Apprehend Bandits

Shortly before the campaign begins the heroes tackle a bandit attack

Portia, Lilly, Tabba and Arwen are called together by Collette to intercept some of the city's criminal element. Auntie has overheard Lazz Duerkin plotting to hit a coach. Tabba checks with Robert at the coach inn and finds out the Hatmann family are due to return to town in the next day or so.

Heading out with a hope they can stop the attack or at least help the four friends arrive as the thugs are attacking the coach.

Leaping into combat the party subdue the thugs and rescue the guards but are too late to save the passengers.

The Hatmann name belongs to an influential family with many responsibilities in town. When the bodies are handed over in Redforge the party finds out that there are papers on the gent's body. These papers indicate a royal decree that Palanquas and Strophea are forming a treaty to assist the Dwarves against the Goblins.


Iain couldn’t make it for this session, and knowing he’d be a problem with his trips overseas I had this session planned as a fill in.

Flashback 1: Apprehend Bandits

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