Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

System Change

Will the home brew systems death allow for a smooth transition..?

Ok so my attempts to adapt the OtE system to a fantasy setting didn't run smooth.

While the home brew game was very cinematic and a good deal of fun, I was having a nightmare managing to keep the npc and threat stats balanced and invariably everything seemed underpowered.

There's been enough interest in 4th Ed for me to run off to my FLGS (Eclectic Games in Reading) and pick up copies of the core rules and Keep on the Shadowfell. With plans for Si and I to run a D7D game between us in the near to mid future it seemed a wise investment… but it also begged the question – What about Eliode? Would that work as 4th?

Well in and around last nights game we discussed and investigated the potential, some had their doubts but I've spent £100 on the books and in the end that kind of upfront reasoning buys you the deciding vote. TBH I think we can have an even better game with D&D

There will be some problems…

The open ended magic system the home brew has allowed will be stifled by the structured powers and spells list. As such we've worked a story element that explains the sudden drop and throttle in Onza's magical prowess. Its not perfect but lets see if Iain wants to play a wizard, warlock or the Spell Sword class from the Forgotten Realms players hand book (hmmm more expenditure)

Tabba's nothing like a standard core playable race, but low and behold the Monster Manual gives easy bolt on rules for playing such a character. While his extreme strength will again be capped a little we should be able to put a build together that keeps the character going the same places Rich had in mind.
Hmm the slightly secret elements of Hannah's character Lily took me into the early hours but we've found a build and a story development that I think still gives her plenty of the same reveals later in game. Still look forward to splitting the party :)

Arwen's Tattoo abilities and the loss or animal companions for Rangers is another issue, we're looking at making a new Daily power for some of this, and maybe a ritual-like ability, though some of his story development may need a home brew prestige class… or whatever they are called now.

The items of power that the party has picked up include Hessian, the Gloves of Grace and the Obsidian Mirror. I may just have to accept that at a low level they have simply been very lucky and gained access to some things a tad out of their power level… but let's see how the characters are built before I judge how to deal with this.

Finally then – Expanding the party with one more player. It's agreed that Lee is the current best candidate, though I will need to ensure he can make it alternate Wednesdays.

And why do I write more here than in the story overviews… Because I want the players to come in and add details about the actual sessions. Where as I thought I needed to open all this up for discussion and further feedback.
Cheers  – Mike



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