Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

The Dwarven Front: Part 1

Heading into the hills

The party begin their journey into the mines.

Settling for their first night at one of the mining communities, they hear how this close to the home land there are no problems with the goblins.

Another days travel sees their first encounter with a small bunch of goblins which pose little to no threat.

The road ahead has been blocked by an avelanche and between them the skills they apply clear the rocks without mishap.

As the trail leads through a lush valley the party are set upon by spiders. During a fierce battle Tabba Silverside is brought close to falling unconscious but they finish the spiders off.

At the end of the valley a waterfall a warlock magic circle and a mysterious cavern await their further investigations.


Goblins… shudders I hate spiders…

walks off grumbling

The Dwarven Front: Part 1

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