Eliode: The Strophean Chronicle

The Fallen Temple of Darkness: Part 4

Escaping from the temple

The party now faced the task of escaping through the temple, facing all the horrors remaining.

The first stage of the their offensive was to set up a defensible position in the chapel, opening the door and dealing with the shadow hounds as they poured in. Using the holy light from the orb to manage the number of hounds in the room at any one time, Vo’epheous Onza established a large trapping spell that would ensnare the shadow hounds.

Using this tactic they were able to clear enough space in the next chamber and then fought their way to the upper level. Room by room they fought their way back to the entrance chamber. Keeping the fiends at bay until the last of them returned to the upper level.

Staging an explosion using the holy orb to ignite a barrel of pitch, they cleared the chamber beneath them of the assembled shadow fiends, then returned to clear out the last few surviving minions of the evil deity that had despoiled the temple.

Leaving the sewers the four friends and their patron returned to their lodgings to rest. Only stopping off at the temple of light to thank them for their assistance and to have the obsidian hand mirror looked at.




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