Colette Murrymug

A fiery haired matron, attractive and successful, independent and strong willed.


Colette Murrymug is a healthy and attractive woman in her late forties.Her finances have provided for her and allowed her a freedom enjoyed by few women in the town.

Colette is Arwen's aunt. When she heard of his parent's death she travelled to Redforge to raise him herself. By the time the news had reached her and she had made the lengthy journey Arwen had spent many years in the Content Not Found: orphanage. It was here he made strong friendships with three other orphaned children around his own age. When Colette took him under her wing Onza, Lilly and Portia remained strong friends, in truth he never left the orphanage as he could be found there nearly as often as under Colette's care.

Colette manages a tea house in the towns entertainment quarter. A small staff provides a wide variety of blends and many simple meals and treats. Murrymugs is well known for it's ginger cookies.

To keep  fit every morning Colette practices a series of dance like moves something like Thai Chi.


Colette Murrymug

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