Tabba Silverside

Minotaur chef, with a taste for opera. VERY protective of his friends.


Brawn 4

Food Preparation 2

Finishing Blow +1

Opera +1

Cleaver +1

Unique -1


Tabba grew up in the town of Redforge. His father runs the local abbatoir, having fled Muzerka for reasons he chooses not to discuss.

His upbringing was mostly that of a human, although his father did all he could to induct Tabba into the ways of the Tauren tribes.

His mother, on the other hand, was keen to give him a chance to live a life free of the martialist dogma of the Taurens, and indeed took him to the church of light to every service she could, and arranged for Portia, a novitiate of the church to look after him when they were busy.

Through Portia, he found a group of older friends – Arwen, Onza and Lily. These kids protected Tabba from the bullying he recieved during his younger years, as the other children were quick to take the oppurtunity to strike at a Minotaur who couldn't fight back. Arwen in particular was quick to bloody the nose of any lout looking for a cheap win. This all changed as Tabba matured. Minotaurs grow fast, and whilst in his early years he was helpless as any child, by the age of six he had grown taller than his ten year old counterparts. By nine, could look a human adult in the eye. He and Arwen have a friendly rivalry about this, as Arwen still remembers a time when HE was the brawn of the group. As time passed, his friends moved off, but Tabba stayed in redforge, working the abbatoir and the inn, and occasionally helping the guard to keep the peace. Noone wants to argue with someone who could lift them off the ground one-handed.

Tabba Silverside

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