A mortal who practices faith to the degree that they are in tune with the teachings of their deity is said to be loyal to that god. They would try to base decisions they make on the concerns of the deity, and place weight on the values that their religion teaches.

After Life

When a faithful soul leaves the mortal world it joins the host of the deity it is closest in tune with, loyal mortals are taken to the realm of their chosen god.

It is said those who have not taken a spiritual path through life do not enter the after life. This is where ghosts come from, the spirits of those with no loyalty are doomed to remain in the mortal world for all time.

These are the spirits with which necromancers are able to communicate and for those with wide moral grey areas they are able to use those spirits for their own ends.


It is concieved that if a creature is naturally capable of speech then that is a sentient being and as such has been granted a soul.


Ghosts appear in all the forms that you might assume. Poltergeists, Wraiths, Banshee, Spirits and more besides.


The Womb Restriction

Many priests have expressed one limitation imposed on the gods by some greater power, maybe by the creator. No godhas the power to reach inside a gestating womb. No prayer, ritual or offering will effect an unborn. While the gods can keep the mother healthy (or not) they cannot directly effect the child inside the womb.


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