Kobolds, Fey, Goblins and Dragons

Kobolds are a civilised, insect race. Though often reviled, and widely avoided, they are accepted amongst human society.

Fey creatures are varied in size and form: gnomes, fairies, pixies, brownies, nymphs and 'Chauns are all considered members of this troublesome race. Most fey are non-threatening but are tricky and untrustworthy.

Goblins are the main threat race. Their presence in the southern mountains of Palanquas has been a concern for Dwarves, Elves and Humans alike.

Dragons are considered Mythical. There are legends of large flying beasts, but there have been no sightings of such creatures in living memory.


Skaven, Ogres, Trolls, Undead

The Skaven race is feral in nature. With thick matted hair and rat like features. Their are precious few of them and they are mostly found in the sewer systems of Mazurkan cities.

Ogres are tough brutes. Often setting themselves up in cave systems with allies from the goblin races and other evil forces.

Families of Trolls move about the country side hunting and foraging livestock and other sources of raw meat. Their regenerative abilities means that most settlements are unable to do little more than drive them away.

Vampires, ghouls, zombies, mummies and other undead beings are scarce but each poses it's own threat.


Medusa, Arachnii, Horrors and Gels

The curse of the Medusans, a family of elves who betrayed their Goddess, has left their daughters marred and distorted. They say that no two Medusa are alike, but who has ever lived to tell the tale?

Arachnii, the giant spiders haunt thick forests and rocky crags, picking off travelers and any local fauna they can trap in their nets.

The term Horrors refers to creatures that have been transformed into some parody of their natural form by some evil force.

Gels are found in many different forms. They begin life as small puddles and as they absorb living matter grow larger. In confined spaces Gels will eventually fill corridors and are often encountered in a near perfect cube like state.


Elementals, Tulpa, Golums, Phantoms

Powerful wizards bring elemental beings out of the raw material around them. These creatures represent the primal characteristics of the element they represent.

There is no such thing as a Tulpa in it's natural form. They are formed by powerful druids as mimics. Often created to fool an enemy or carry out menial tasks. Tulpa are able to mimic anyone they spend long periods of time with.

Many powerful Enchanters create automated constructs to do their bidding, these beings are called Golums.

Phantoms are the by product of powerful illusions. Phantom creatures are more ethereal than actual, but usually are at least as dangerous as the real thing.


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