Lady Sanja

Slim figuered foriegn dignatary of unkown race, shrouded in golden fabrics laced with gold coins, her visage hidden behind many layered veils.


Lady Sanja maintains an air of exotic mystery around her. When first encounterd she is dressed from her scalp to the base of her feet in long golden silk robes completely veiled in these silks with no part of her visible to the human eye. her movements are graceful and the line of her body, shown when she moves, suggest a great beauty within.

This foreigner has taken residence in one of the palatial town houses on High Crescent in the richer quarter of Redforge. The gardens of this property are starting to show signs of growth as she refuses access to any of the staff, preferring the company only of the two near voiceless elves she has with her.

Her interests in the town of Redforge revolve around the potential discovery of a lost prophetic scroll. Her relationship with Rufus Pageturn is one of patronage to his library, her own collection of tomes and religious studies have been made available to the library in exchange for his help in locating access to the temple that once served the now fallen goddess Par Thea Col

While Sanja has shows no allegiance to the fallen goddess herself she realises that entering the temple alone is reason enough to disturb the current god Gar Raminol Fe Thea whose malign actions cast down his adversary many centuries ago.


Lady Sanja

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